Newtrends - Retail Network

With a strong nationwide retail footprint of close to 100 company-owned boutiques and kiosks and 50 company-managed department store counters, Newtrends is one of the leading retail business groups in the Philippines for its product categories. Its retail network includes mono-brand concept stores, kiosks and shop-in-shop outlets for its core watch brands, Timex, Esprit and Police. Multibrand retail It also retails watches through its Mutlibrand concept stores, Watch Republic and Segnatempo.


watchrepublicshoptitle watch republic moa Watch Republic is a hub for trendy watches within a popular to premium price segments targeting teens and young adults. Created for the watch lovers of this generation, Watch Republic promises to be the hippest and hottest hub of watch fashion and style. It is dedicated to today’s youthful, fashionoriented consumer who seeks brands and products that help express individuality and make a statement about personal style.

More than just a thing to tell time, a watch is a fashion accessory, an important expression of one’s style, an extension of one’s personality. Watch Republic is all about style diversity--more choices to appeal to diverse personalities and style profiles from classic to cutting edge, from everyday casual-wear to chic club-wear, from elegant to funky, from rugged outdoor to high performance sports. Watch Republic offers an extensive selection of styles and a range of top-quality, fun and fashionable brands to choose from.

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Segnatempo, the company’s newest concept store, houses premium to luxury brands of watches targeting the more affluent segment. Segnatempo marks a first in luxury retail for watches and accessories in the Philippines, bringing together timepieces and jewels from internationally renowned maisons under one luxury fashion boutique.

Designed by a team of top retail interior artists, the boutique creates a contemporary environment- a gallery that is a celebration not only of time, but fashion. Segnatempo’s space reflects the “tempo” of fashion- a constant evolution, a persistent movement towards innovation. The boutique is an allusion to circles and fluid lines, evoking the dynamism of time.

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